Serious Crimes


We are known for achieving the very best for our clients who face serious criminal charges.

When you have been accused of a serious crime such as murder, causing death by dangerous driving, large scale drug manufacturing, importation and supply, serious organised fraud, or terrorism, you need to know you are being represented by a lawyer that will put your needs first; one you can trust, build a good working relationship with and who is experienced to deal with any complex issues of law quickly and efficiently to get the very best outcome.

Your liberty is at risk when you are accused of a serious crime so it is important that your lawyer can deal with bail as effectively as possible, to try and maintain your liberty whilst the investigation is ongoing. Whether or not your case is high profile, the media is often keen to report on serious crimes, we act cautiously and meticulously to protect your interests.

We have a strong team of lawyers including Solicitors, Advocates, Barristers and Queens Counsel to be on hand when needed, and will be with you and your family throughout your case.

We also have a highly-experienced team of experts to analyse data, forensics and other matter that has major evidential value in your trial that needs to be examined and put before a trial from the eye of the defence team.

Q & A on Serious Crimes Matters

Q. Doesn’t it show my guilt if the police think I need a solicitor?
A. No – this is a myth. You have rights when arrested or being interviewed under caution, one of those is the right to free and independent legal advice. The purpose of this right is to ensure you are given experienced legal advice relating to your situation and to guide you through the interview to get you the best result and avoid a conviction if possible.

We can get disclosure from the Officer in Case prior to your interview, allowing us to advise you on the evidence, and how to deal with the police interview.

Note: It is unlikely that you will be given disclosure prior to your interview if you are unrepresented, meaning you would enter your interview ‘blind’ to the evidence the police may or may not have.


Q. The police have said that I must wait longer if I want a solicitor?
A. This is not true. We are available 24/7 and will ensure that a solicitor or legal representative is with you when the police are ready for interview. We will be at custody within 45 minutes and keep updated with the police so that they deal with you as quickly as possible.


Q. Will I have to deal with different lawyers?
A. Not necessarily. We can provide an in-house service for all stages from police station, Magistrates Court, Crown Court, Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), and Court of Appeal (Royal Courts of Justice). If it’s important for you to deal with one lawyer, we will always try to ensure this happens.


Q. What are your fees?
A. Legal representation at police station interviews is free and most interviews with local authority agencies are also free if you claim benefits.
We have a legal aid contract for any criminal matter, meaning that if you believe you are unable to afford private fees, we can make an application which is dependent on your means. Youths (under 18) are generally granted legal aid with ease.

To find out more about legal aid click here.
We also represent private clients on a hourly rate or we can agree fixed fees.

If you would like to speak to one of our professional, knowledgeable, friendly solicitors, please contact us today.