Motoring Offences

We understand how a motoring offence can dramatically change your life and our team of experienced motoring offence lawyers will defend you whether you as a motorist have a SP30 driving offence, a traffic light offence, or you’re facing a drink-driving conviction, call our expert team of driving defence solicitors today.

Our qualified driving offence lawyers will be on hand to offer you sound legal advice and representation, they will support you throughout all stages of your motoring defence case; from the initial meeting, during the court process and if necessary through any subsequent appeal.

Speeding Offences

The UK is known to be extremely notorious for speed surveillance and prosecution of those speeding offenders. If you receive a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ you will need to admit to being the driver of the car at the time the speeding offence occurred.

If it was you driving, and you can safely say there wasn’t much to it and the offer of a fixed penalty notice of £80 and 3 penalty points is on offer it can be taken without too much concern. That is unless you have 9 points already and then face 12 points and a ban.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, our team of driving offence solicitors can provide specialised speeding offence legal advice and representation to help ensure you avoid a driving ban.

Drink Driving Offences
If you have committed a drink driving offence and your reading is 90µg or more in breath, or 207mg in blood you will be facing not just a driving disqualification of 23 – 52 month’s dependent on your circumstances but also a community order.

It is in these situations that a specialist drink-driving solicitor should be sought after at the earliest opportunity to protect you and your family from grave hardship, especially if you drive for a living or members of your family are reliant upon you driving.

Car Insurance, MOT and Tax evasion
The DVLA is also very vigilant to those that forget to renew their insurance, tax or MOT on their cars but they do not always have the correct facts. If you receive notification of a summons in relation to this, but believe it is the fault of another party (i.e. the insurance company, car dealership or another), call us to discuss your motoring offence situation to avoid a conviction on your record.

Other Motoring Offences
There are many more offences that come under motoring offences which we can also help you with if you have been accused of:

Driving or in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs

Failing to provide a specimen of blood, breathe or urine at the roadside or police station

Driving without due care and attention

Failing to stop or to report a road accident

Dangerous driving

Causing death by careless or dangerous driving

With any motoring offence situation, you find yourself in, we would always suggest you seek legal advice from a driving defence solicitor at the earliest opportunity, even if it’s simply for peace of mind. You can call us on 01903 203 464 or email us for legal support.