Criminal Defence

Criminal Law, as opposed to civil law, is the body of law that relates to crime. If you have been accused of a criminal offence by the police, Crown Prosecution Service or another government body (e.g. your local Borough Council or DWP), our team at Cheesemans Solicitors will represent you from the very beginning, through to the end of the case.

We advise all our clients to seek legal advice as soon as they are made aware that they must answer to their local authority, police or courts.

Everyone is entitled to free and independent legal advice when interviewed under caution at the police station, irrespective of wealth. We are also available 24/7 to take your calls and to provide advice or representation. If you are being interviewed by a local authority, interviews are free if you are in receipt of benefits.

When should I seek legal advice?
There are various situations where it might become apparent to you that you are being investigated for a crime:

The police or local authority call you to ask that you make an appointment for a voluntary interview or informal chat with them about an allegation or complaint that has been made.

The police attend your address, place of work or see you out in public and arrest you for an offence.

You receive a Fixed Penalty Notice or Notification of Intended Prosecution.

You receive a summons through the post to attend court for a motoring offence, benefit fraud or as a result of truancy.

How can I seek legal advice?

Call us on our 24/7 line 07976 806 336 as soon as you are able to, to notify us of your concerns and to receive advice. If you are arrested or receive a date to be interviewed, make it clear that you require legal representation and ask for Cheesemans Solicitors. The police will contact us if you are unable to do so before your arrest, and we will speak to you directly as soon as we receive the call.

What offences do Cheesemans Solicitors specialise in?

We represent clients for all types of offences (click on our About Us for full details), a few examples of these are:

Drug offences (possession, supply, cultivation, production of all classes of drugs)

Theft (shoplifting, burglary, robbery)

Sexual offences (sexual assault, rape, inciting sexual activity)

Motoring Offences (speeding, no insurance, drink driving)

Fraud (benefit fraud, corporate fraud, high value fraud)

Assault on a person (common assault, ABH, GBH)


Attempted Murder



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