About Cheesemans Solicitors

With over 50 years’ experience we have now become one of the most well-known and respected law firms across the South East of England and in Central London.

We have two offices, one in Worthing, West Sussex and one on Fleet Street, London. We specialise in criminal defence as well as having extensive experience in family law, including divorce and civil separation. We can also help should you find yourself needing advice regarding a motoring offence, civil litigation or regulatory law.

Our qualified solicitors have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Criminal Law
Serious Crime
Family Law
Cohabitation, Pre-nuptials and Civil Partnership
Children Disputes
Divorce and Civil Separation
Motoring Offences

Did you know? Cheesemans Solicitors can provide FREE advice and representation at the police station. We advise all our clients to seek legal advice as soon as they are made aware that they must answer to their local authority, police or courts. We are also happy to provide further advice to clients at our offices during the investigation stage if required.

Our History

Founded in 1998 as ‘B A Cheeseman and Co Solicitors’ the firm was originally based in offices in West London. In 2010, we became ‘Cheesemans Solicitors and Advocates’ and specialised in the fields of criminal defence work (including serious crime, fraud and white collar crime), private divorce, and matrimonial law and civil litigation. Also in 2010, we expanded our offices into West Sussex, as well as maintaining our presence in London with our law firm on Fleet Street.

If there is a question, an issue you are facing or advice you wish to seek, please do call us today on 01903 203 464 or email us for legal support.


Private Fees: We are transparent about our private fees. We generally agree a fixed fee on a case but in a more complex case hourly rates apply.

Legal Aid: We have legal aid contracts in both London and West Sussex and we can advise you as to your eligibility. However, this is also dependant on whether we can economically represent you at low paid legal aid rates.

Fixed Rates In The Magistrates Court: Our fixed rates depend on whether your case is heard at courts in London or West Sussex.

Guilty Plea:
London: £500 + VAT
West Sussex: £350 + VAT

Exceptional Hardship Hearing To Avoid Disqualification:
London: £750 + VAT
West Sussex: £500 + VAT

Attendance At Police Station Or Benefits Agency For Interview
London: £400 + VAT
West Sussex: £300 + VAT

In respect of not guilty pleas and trial fees in the magistrates and crown court ,we request that you speak to the senior partner of the firm.
By instructing one of our Solicitor Advocates it is far more cost effective than instructing both Solicitor and Council.

Hourly Rates:
Partner (25+ years post qualification experience):
London: £350 per hour
West Sussex: £250 per hour

London: £250 per hour
West Sussex: £200 per hour